About Lorraine

Hey, y’all! Welcome to my blog, I’m Lorraine and I am a thirty-something year old petite mama. I’m a native Texan and live in Dallas, TX with my amazing husband, Daniel, and our two sweet boys Sebastian (9) and Christian (3). I am a busy stay at home mom; between school drop-off/pick-ups, baseball practices and other after school activities I realized I needed a space for myself. I needed a place to share my love for all things fashion, home and just simply being a mama. I love being creative and styling, whether it be wardrobe, our home, or even a party. My goal here is to help and encourage the everyday mama, whether a stay at home mom or the mom who works away from home. If you look your best on the outside you’ll feel great on the inside and exude confidence. Thank you for stopping on by and joining my family and I on this beautiful journey. 

With Love from Texas,

Lorraine Nicole Carrillo