Don’t Quit Your Daydream!

Daydream Believer

Hey y’all! This is Lorraine and welcome to my blog and also to my very first blog post. First off I would love to give y’all a huge thank you for stopping by and following along.

This title suits my first blog post and me to a T! I have been wanting to start a blog for the past year and a half and have finally built up the courage to do so. I think as women we are constantly comparing ourselves to one another, especially in the blogging world. As I came across other bloggers for inspiration I also found that I was doubting myself, and thought how is their blog so perfect! What I came to realize is that they all had to start somewhere too and that at the beginning it was not perfection, which I was mistakenly striving for. It took them years and hard work, plus dedication to get to where they are now.

It wasn’t until very recently that I came to realize this was something that I still so desperately wanted to do. I had to stop the second guessing and just do it! So, I finally put pen to paper came up with my blog/domain name and decided that there was no stopping from there, and two weeks later here we are! Point is don’t ever stop dreaming, and in this case especially daydreaming! Stop the self doubt, the self comparing because there is only one you. So start that blog, YouTube channel or whatever it is that you are striving for. Your unique voice and advice will set you apart. Most importantly stop being afraid of failure, chase the uncertainty because fear is apart of growth.

I hope that this not only helps you but encourages you to chase your daydream. Keep following me along, and occasionally my family, on this journey!

With Love from Texas,